All About Customized Moon Lamp | A Complete Guide To Personalized Moon Lamp

What is Customized Moon Lamp?

We have all wanted the stars and looked at the moon dreaming of all the things magical and enchanted. Few of us will ever have the opportunity to tour outer space, but that doesn't mean we can not get space for ourselves. And here is presenting the beautiful and adorable customized moon lamp which offers you almost the real appearance of the moon. The moon lamp makes all your fantasy dreams come true. Now you can have the little moon along with your bed while sleeping.

Well, suppose what?  Now you can do just that with the customized moon lamp. It is built with a particular technology. This customized moon lamp is not just an ordinary sphere or globe category. But this is the moon lamp with pictures which you can engrave yourself and your loved ones in it. Not just the pictures, you can also get names engraved on the moon literally. 
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Modify Dull Nights Into Enchanted Experiences: 

Add some magic to every room of your house or office at night. You can simply admire the beauty of the moon just before going into bed through customized moon lamps. Just imagine what you feel when you are holding the moon in your own hands. 

From acting as a simple night light to creating a glorious environment, a moon lamp is available which provides you with both the valuable light and atmosphere for the home or office or as a gifting choice. There are many moon lamps available on the market. The best moon lamp is the one that suits your need for lighting, and also offers you an eye-catching glimpse. 

Tired Of All The Ordinary, Dull, And Tedious Gifting Options? 

Looking for a unique customized gift for your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, couples family, and friends. ?

Express your love in a way that you have never done before. Just stand out with the charming and romantic shining bright customized moon lamp that brings luck and happiness. You can easily customize the moon lamp. You can add your special pictures in the moon lamp light and this makes it more beautiful and priceless. 

Customized moon lamp light is an incredible gift for your loved ones. You can give them this enchanting moon lamp light on different occasions like marriage anniversaries, engagements, friends and families weddings, valentines day proposals, and other celebrations. 

Moon lamp light is made using extensively developed 3D technology to renovate the real bright, beautiful appearance of the moon according to NASA recordings of the real moon. The Customized moon lamp is made by a 3D design with environmentally friendly materials (PLA) that restores the real appearance of the moon. The moon has been a spiritual and enhancing symbol. It brings you happiness and relaxation. You can simply change your customized moon lamp colour by vibration or just a gentle tap on the customized moon lamplight. 

An Ideal Gift: 

The customized moon lamp is an artistic 3D creation that will put a smile on you and your loved ones. This custom moon lamp brings you a colour-changing moon that can brighten your loved one day and their room instantly.  This is a unique way to cherish the love that showcases the pictures on the moon. This custom moon lamp can also be decorated light for the office, bedroom table, or desk. 

The customized moon lamp has a sturdy buildup and the best electrical fittings. You can easily customize it with your needs. With the customized moon lamp you have the ideal gift for your loved ones. And it will make them shriek in excitement while seeing this enchanting customized moon lamp with pictures or names engraved on it. 

All Moon Lamps An Ideal Gift

These moon lamps can provide elegant and subtle home decor. It can create a magical environment that is relaxing. You can use it for any room obviously, while you are preparing your room for some romantic time with your partner. This custom moon lamp gives you the best lighting effect. 

You can buy a customized moon lamp for the kids. The materials used to make the moon lamp are safe and nontoxic. The Led lights used in the moon lamp are low energy. This moon lamp produces very little heat. So even the smallest kids can handle the moon lamp very easily. 

Things You Need To Know Before Ordering Your Customized Moon Lamp:

You can easily customize a moon lamp for somebody special in your life. You can engrave the pictures or words on it. You can engrave your romantic photo on the moon as a souvenir. 

Order now the custom moon lamp according to your purpose and decide the required size of the moon and the picture or text which you want to engrave on it. 

When choosing the custom moon lamp it is necessary to consider a variety of factors.
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Here are some factors about selecting the best custom moon lamp. 

  • Size Of Moon Lamp

The size of the moon lamp depends on the space where it is intended to be used or which size of pictures you want to engrave on it. Some lamps are very small, only 3 inches. Such moon lamps are easily held in the palm of a hand. So this makes only night lights perfect. Other moon lamps are larger, almost 6 inches or more.

Sizes of Moon Lamps

These are best gift product for customization. Such moon lamps get attention more and more and present levitating models. And pictures or text are easily engraved and offer an elegant look.

  • A 10 cm-sized moon lamp is good for an office desk or a car dashboard. 
  • A 15cm moon lamp will look great on your kids or study table for an enchanting mood.
  • A 20cm custom moon lamp can easily be used for shelf decoration to create an instant night lamp. 
  • Custom Photo:

You want to take care of your selected photo for customizing the moon lamp. You can take the picture with high resolution. The photo should have almost the front face of you or your loved ones. You need to make sure that your picture is clear with a background showing all the subjects you need to engrave on the moon lamp.

Custom Photo for Moon Lamps

For the best moon lamp, upload a photo of 2 to 5 persons only. Show every person's face in the photo for the perfect custom moon lamp.  Images engraved on the moon lamp surface in such a way that they look appealing and presentable even during the daytime also. 

    • Colours On Custom Moon Lamp:

    You can change the colour of your customized moon lamp according to your mood. You can choose up to almost 16 colours through which you can make the moon lamp light in the room. You can control the colour-changing property of the moon lamp by touching it or by remote control. 

    Colours on Customized Moon Lamps

    • Custom Texts:

    You can easily customize the moon lamp. Texts can be written on the moon lamp. You can also have the picture engraved on the front of the lamp and texts on the back. You can select wordings that you want and customize the font of texts as you want. 

    Custom Text On Moon Lamp


    • Moon Lamp Holder:

    You can customize your moon lamp holder. Some lamps don't have a base. Mostly the moon lamps offer some support. But you can feature a custom simple wood, plastic, or metal base. You can boast a stylized base such as a hand or geometric shape. It elevates creativity and makes the moon lamp more attractive. You can choose the unique holders which give you an extra special look to the custom moon lamp. It makes it more of a desirable piece. 


    Moon Lamp Holder
    • Remote And Touch Control:

    Basic moon lamps have a toggle switch to transition between a variety of colours. Most simple moon lamps offer only one to two colour switches that include white or yellow. There are customized moon lamps that offer you almost 16 colours. It depends on you which control you want over the customized moon lamp whether it is a remote control or touch control. 

    Touch On Moon Lamps
    • Battery Life Of Moon Lamp:

    Battery life depends on the battery size. A 500mAh lamp lasts for up to 15 to 16 hours. This battery can be completely charged in two to three hours. While a 250mAh battery lamp lasts for almost 7 to 8 hours on the two to three-hour charge. You can customize a moon lamp with a battery life that will suit your needs. If you want a moon lamp for night light then longer battery life is much better for you. Shorter battery life is sufficient if you use the moon lamp only to provide a warm atmosphere in the room. 

    Battery Time Of Moon Lamp
    • Light Spectrum:

    Moon lamps emit both constant and inconsistent light patterns. You can customize it through a touch control or remote control.  Fades, flashes, and slow dimming are common and favourite features of the moon lamp. The light patterns can be customized for a more awesome experience when the moon lamp moves from one colour to another running through light patterns. 

    Light Spectrum on Moon Lamp

    Product Specifications:

    • One customized Wireless moon lamp.
    • Material: Poly Lactic Acid Plastic that is certified by CE, FCC, and ROHS.
    • Custom Moon lamps light up in different 16 colours.
    • USB charging cable.
    • A stand made of wood metal or plastic.
    • Dimensions: 10cms, 12cms, 14cms, 16cms in diameter. You can customize it according to your needs. 
    • The moon night light is made using an outstanding 3D printer with the use of certificated materials. 
    • Power: DC Built-in battery operated that is made with Lithium Ions.
    • LED Bulbs are the light source of the Moon lamp.

    Here are some necessary factors about the quality of the best-customized moon lamp: 

    • Certificated Material:

    One of the most important factors for your customized moon lamp is whether it is made up of certified material or not.  There a lot of fake moon lamps are available on the market that is made of toxic materials that can be harmful to the environment and yourself. So make sure the materials (that are used in the custom moon lamp) have to be Eco-friendly and natural too. 

    • Built-In Battery:

    Another important factor is the built-in battery for the custom moon lamp. The battery is rechargeable and certified so that you don't have to change the battery all the time.  You can easily charge it and then it lasts for long hours. 

    • Apparent Texture:

    The beauty of wonderful custom moon lamps lies in their apparent texture. So the custom moon lamp gives you the best and clearest texture so that it looks like the actual moon. The custom moon lamp is accurately designed based on the photos of NASA and it almost looks like the original one.

    Texture of MOON LAMP

    Manual Steps: How To Use The Custom Moon Lamp? 

    1. First, touch the ring that is made up of metal and present in the bottom of the custom moon lamp to turn on/off the light.
    2. The white light of the moon lamp does not shine brighter when the battery is low. If brightness is low then insert a DC connector into the metal ring to charge.
    3. Press the metal ring for a longer time to adjust the brightness of the moon lamp. 
    4. A manual instruction is also given with the content package of the moon lamp. 

    Instructions For The Safety Of Your Custom Moon Lamp:

    • If you are not using your moon lamp for a long time. Please charge it every two months. 
    • Try to avoid letting it fall because that some internal components can be damaged 
    • There is a DC charging port mostly on the bottom of the moon lamp that can be connected to a 5Volt charger.
    • Don't use the high volt charges for the moon lamp. 
    • When there is low light of the moon lamp, just connect it to a charger and a red light indicates that charging is started. When the red light is extinguished, the moon lamp finishes charging. 

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    Justifications To Adore Our Custom Moon Lamps? 

    • We offer 100% customer satisfaction with your selected image or texts you want to engrave on the moon lamp. 
    • We create the perfect custom designs as per your instructions.
    • The latest 3D technology is used to focus on quality and detail.
    • A+ ratings.
    • Premium quality custom moon lamps.
    • 100% secure and safe online shopping.

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