Frequently Asked Questions

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Your Right To Know Regarding Brand: 

Question: When is the feasible time to order from all moon lamps?

Answer: One of the top-notching feature about all moon lamps is our 24 hours availability. The competitive and keen team of ours is bushy-tailed 24/7 to support buyers and take orders.

Question: What are the payment methods that all moon lamps contribute?

Answer: To patronize the audience and enlarge our customer pool, we offer various payment methods that comprise Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, and Amex. So you can select any of these methods according to your feasibility and operability.

Question: Do all moon lamps propose secured payment methods?

Answer: Yes, payment methods that all moon lamps offer are 100% reliable, safe and secure. 

We are a well-recognized and top-class brand and respect their client's privacy. So the brand assures total security regarding the confidential information of their customers.

Question: Do I get any warranty regarding the products?

Answer: Yes, one of the features that uplift us from others is the extended warranty of 1 year we are claiming to serve our clients. And the praise-worthy thing is that this warranty is not finite to only certain products but is available on all products.

Question: Are you proposing a reliable and trustworthy platform?

Answer: We are making progress by leaps and bounds without a hitch and amplifying our customer mass due to our reliability and trustworthiness. All the giant strides we are making are because of customer enchanting services and credibility. So we are indeed an unswerving and righteous choice.

Terms And Policies:

Question: Can I get any refund right at all moon lamps?

Answer: Yes, we are giving our buyers a relief of refund if an unsatisfactory or damaged product has been delivered, the buyer has changed his mind, or the product provided does not meet the standards. 

Question: What sort of refund policy are you posing?

Answer: We are claiming a 45-day return policy. It gives a clear-cut idea that after receiving the product, you will have the duration of only 45 days to return the product to claim a refund.

To proceed with the refund, you can contact the team at

Question: Will I receive any attestation that my refund request is approved?

Answer: Yes we will send you a confirmation regarding the approval of the refund request. Moreover, Items sent back to us without first asking for a return will not be approved.

Question: Can I return the moon lamp that I bought from the sale?

Answer: No, the lamps bought from the sale are not eligible for return; moreover, the customized moon lamps are also exceptions.

Question: What kind of information will I have to share while operating from your site?

Answer: When you visit our site, we will collect information like the web browser version, time zone, IP address, cookie information, products and pages you go through on our store, search you make on our site, and how you interact with our site. 

Question: What nature of private information I have to reveal while placing orders?

Answer: Your name, shipping address, billing address, remittance information (likewise credit card or debit card number), email address, and contact number.

Question: How can my information collected at the time of order be used?

Answer: The confidential information collected will be used to ship your order, order confirmation notifications, and to contact you.

Question: Is there a particular carrier that can deliver my customized moon lamp earlier than usual?

Answer: The production time cannot be reduced however, we can use DHL for faster shipping. Please contact us for shipping prices because it varies from country to country. 

Question: Are reviews of prior customers available on your website?

Answer: Yes, our website is also showcasing our previous customer reviews. You can go and check them before checking in.

Question: Are you offering to ship in specific countries only?

Answer: No, we are giving our clients to place orders from any corner of the world by providing a worldwide shipment courtesy.

Question: How can I track my parcel?

Answer: After placing an order a track code will be sent to you by will also be available on order status page, that you can search from your account on all moon can use this tracking number to track your parcel.

Products And Commodities:

Question: Can I customize a moon lamp that bestows my choice?

Answer: Yes, we give you a great latitude to customize moon lamps that will endow your choice. You can customize your moon lamps with your photos, emojis, patterns, and text. However, please read our guide (add link to the guide) on choosing a photo for a custom moon lamp. 

Question: Will it take some extra time for the shipment of my customized moon lamp?

Answer: Yes, to maintain our standards and serve you with the required product, it takes a little extra time to ship the customized lamps.

Question: Are remote control and touch moon lamps available on your site?

Answer: Yes, you can get the benefit of remote control and touch moon lamps available in different colors and themes on our site.

Question: Why should I buy a moon lamp?

Answer: If you want to have something soothing and ambient glow, then you are getting the right thing. If you want something to create a de-stressing and soul relaxing atmosphere, a moon lamp by all moon lamps is an unimpaired choice.

Question: Are there any health benefits of moon lamps?

Answer: Yes, apart from granting your room an elegant and classy look, it also bestows excellent and fruitful health benefits to you. Following are some;

  • It helps in reducing your stress level. 
  •  Improves your reading habit.
  • It acts as an air purifier.
  • It humidifies air by attracting water vapors.
  • It assists in coping with nightmares.

Question: Are moon lamps at all moon lamps environmentally friendly?

Answer: Our moon lamps are 100% safe, comprise non-toxic material, and are eco-friendly. Our lamps are adroitly fabricated using PLA (polylactic acid) and 3-D technology.

Question: Is it safe to touch a moon lamp when it is ON?

Answer: Yes, you can safely touch a moon lamp when it is ON. Our customer friendly lamps do not heat up while on, so it is completely safe for you and your kids to touch these lamps.